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Palais Bingo
Palais        Bingo



We now offer 3 jackpots to give you more chances to win big at the Palais. Win the Yellow Flyer Full House on the required number of calls or less and, if you have the right stamp, you can spin the Wheel of Fortune to win up to £400! Remember ALL our Jackpot stamps are always an optional extra, you dont have to buy them!

Due to its popularity we are continuing with 'Super Sunday' on Sunday Evening's until further notice!

It's £10 for ALL the in house tickets.

The Link, as always, is optional and costs £1 for 6 and you can also still buy the Jackpot Stamps for £1 each (there's two of them). 

Saturday Afternoon 20th January if you call on a Double Number for the line, 2 lines or full house on the first 5 pages , we will DOUBLE your prize money!!!

Join us on Wednesday Evening 24th January for Blind Bonus on the first five pages. Call on a number ending in '0' and win the value of that number ON TOP of your prize money! Thats FIVE chances to win a bonus of up to £90!

Join us on Friday Evening 26th January for our £10 Special. ALL your tickets for just £10. Jackpot stamps and link are an optional £1 eaxtra each!

Come along for the last Tuesday of the month on 30th January and its just £8 for all the books. Link and Jackpot stamps are an optional £1 extra each!

Join us on Wedneday Evening 14th February for our £10 Special. ALL your tickets for just £10. Jackpoot stamps and link are an optional £1 extra each!

SATURDAY EVENINGS it's HALF PRICE BAR night. Join us for fantastic value drinks and a great session of Bingo!

Every Monday Evening is 'Grand National' Night.


Every Monday & Wednesday afternoon we play two lines on the first half book for fresh meat packs.


If you don't want to play 6's come on Tuesday and Saturday nights when its our 4's or 6's nights.


Wednesday Night usually offers the best price money.


Thursday Night is the 'Bargain Bingo' night of the week.



Saturday Evenings are 4's or 6's nights PLUS it's a half price bar - AND the bingo is finished by 9.15pm so plenty of time to go on elsewhere afterwards. Start your Saturday Night out with us!!




Enjoy the game but play responsibly


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