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Dear Bingo player,

We are looking forward to opening our doors on the 17th May and welcoming you back to bingo, however it has been a difficult period for much of the industry and without additional financial support many bingo clubs will find it challenging to successfully reopen. If we have to lose bingo clubs, then bingo players will lose a vital lifeline and local communities will be deprived of an important and safe community hub.

Bingo clubs have been devastated by the pandemic and subsequent restrictions which have heavily impacted our operations for the past year. Despite this, bingo clubs across England have received no funds other than the Covid support to which everyone is entitled. Meanwhile our friends in cinemas, museums and theatres are receiving over £1.5 billion in additional funding to help them survive the pandemic.

The Scottish Government has recently confirmed that each operator will receive £50,000 per venue using the Strategic Framework Business Fund system and the Welsh Government has supported clubs with extra top-up funding too. This funding is much needed and will ensure that bingo clubs will be able to survive until re-opening in May and beyond.

Now it’s time for the UK Government to help support Bingo Clubs in England, please help us by visiting:  where you will find ways to make the case to the UK Government that bingo clubs need more financial support.

Thank you.



Click the link for a Countdown Timer to when we reopen!

Following the Government announcement on 22nd February we now know that we will remain closed until at least 17th May.

At least it gives the chance to get as many doses of vaccine out as possible so that when we CAN reopen it may be that we can stay open! Take care & stay safe & hopefully we will see you soon. Just in case you haven't see. The 'roadmap' the four planned stages are shown below with at least 5 weeks between each stage.

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