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Below are details of our afternoon and evening sessions and our diner & bar price lists. We open 1 afternoon (Saturday) and EVERY evening. If you have any questions please contact us on 01909 472341 or email us at


Admission is just £1 on every session we open. Membership is FREE and we can make you a member on your first visit. All members must be over 18 so if you look younger than 21 we will ask you for proof of age with photo I.D.



Please note: Only Food and Drink purchased on the premises are to be consumed. You wouldn't go into a local Cafe, sit at one of their tables, and produce your own food and drink - PLEASE do not do it here, thank you!




We offer you three pay to play jackpot games every session. These are:-


1.  The Last Number Jackpot. This is on the Blue Page of the main book in the afternoons and on      

     the Blue Flyer in the evenings. With this you go onto the jackpot board when you win on the    

     line, 2lines and Full House.

     That gives you three chances to mark a number off on the Last number jackpot

     board and win a bonus £10 CASH. If the number marked off completes a line on

     the jackpot board you will win a bonus £20 CASH and if it completes the Full

     House you will win the CASH jackpot Which will start at £50 and go up by £50

     each week (to a maximum of £500) until it is won. You must have the relevant ticket

     stamped to take part in this jackpot and the stamp costs £1.


2. The Rainbow Jackpot. This is on the Rainbow Flyer, which is played for a

    Full House only. Each time there is an outright winner on the Rainbow Flyer who has the stamp

    we go to the jackpot board and mark off the corresponding square to the last square

    covered on the winning ticket. That winner will then receive a bonus £5 CASH.

     If the corresponding square on the jackpot board is already covered there will be no

    bonus prize. If there is more than one winner on the Rainbow Flyer the jackpot board

    does not come into play.If the corresponding square on the jackpot board completes

    a coloured line when covered the bonus prize will be £100 CASH. You must have the

    Rainbow Flyer stamped to take part in this jackpot and the stamp for this also costs £1.


3. The Wheel of Fortune Jackpot. This is on the Yellow Flyer. It starts on 48 numbers or less and             goes up one number a week until won. If you call for the Full House in the required number of calls       or less you win the Full House Prize PLUS £50 to gamble on the Wheel of Fortune. Spin the Wheel     learn your prize. The minimum is the £50 you started with but you could win up to £400 Cash! 

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