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If you haven't been to the club yet, you really should pop in. The photo's below give you an idea of what the place is like! Palais Bingo is YOUR local club. Come and take advantage of having it the in the town and be part of the Palais Family! We hope to welcome you here soon!

Our biggest win to date, £5000 on the MCB Link!
Another Jackpot Winner at the Palais!
Yet another big money winner at the Palais. Come and join our family!
Here's the winner of the MCB Link on Thu Evening 23rd July receiving her cheque! What could YOU do with £1300?
Who says you cant win a Link in a smaller club! This is our latest Link winner collecting her £500!!
The Jackpot has been won again! Another happy customer. Will it be your turn next?
Another big winner at the Palais. Our latest Jackpot winner took home £900. Come and join the Palais Family. Anyone can have a big win here! Come and see if YOU can win our next Jackpot.
This Big Cash winner really scooped the Jackpot with this £1,000 win. You could join her and our other big winners by being one of the Palais Family!
Our latest Jackpot winner and his wife receiving their cheque for a massive £900 CASH! Come and join the Palais family and YOU could win our next jackpot!!!
Our Latest Link winner receiving her Cheque from Steve! She won the Link Full House on Tuesday evening 17th Nov. YOU could win big at the Palais too!

Halloween saw a take over of the club by a witches coven!! Below are photos of those who dressed up for the occasion! They all received a bottle of bubbly for their efforts and our 'Trick or Treat' game was great fun!!!

Jackpot Winner on Tuesday Afternoon 22 September Receiving her £700 from Steve!
Winner of our £700 Jackpot, on Monday Afternoon 10th August, receiving her winnings from Steve. YOU could be our next Jackpot Winner!!!
Our Latest Jackpot Winner receiving her winnings of £500 from Steve! YOU could be our next Jackpot Winner!!
Our recent Link Winner receiving her Cheque. You can win big prize money EVERY session on our optional link games. What could YOU do with a win like this!!!!
Proving that Lightening strikes twice, our first ever Jackpot winner does it again, this time its £1,000, won on Sunday 31st May 2015! Join the Palais Family and YOU could win big too!
If you like playing on the Fruit Machines we have a range of traditional machines for you.
We sell draught Tetley's Smoothflow and Carling Lager plus a range of FAM soft drinks.
.........and the Diner!
The Licensed Bar........
The number display board.
Our Calling Unit.
Our First Big Jackpot Winner!
This is a view of the club interior now.
Our Front sign at night!
Our Front sign during the day.
this is just as work started to install the suspended ceiling.
There is a smoking shelter at the side of the club.
Even with the base cost on the place looked much better.
Once the undercoat went on in the foyer it looked SO much brighter!
Here you can see an example of the previous colour scheme in the Foyer.
Work began on the new Decoration in November 2013.

Enjoy the game but play responsibly


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