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Welcome to Palais Bingo Worksop.




Due to the current situation we have been forced to close until further notice. This is a very difficult time for everyone but having to close after being open for just 3 weeks after the flood closure we are definately feeling it badly. We will reopen as soon as we can and hope you will join us when that day comes. Until then please take care of yourselves and those you are close to and we hope we will be back together soon!


Thanks for visiting! Please look through our website. We keep our diary and information pages up to date so if you need to know wht promotions are coming up or our session prices just look there. We look forward to seeing you back here VERY soon!!



If you haven't been yet, do come and visit we are sure you will be impressed. 


There is just a 50p admission charge on the door on every session. All the tickets are sold at the start of the session so you don't have to queue up at booksales again in the interval. We also listened to customers concerns about the number of link games so we have made sure we only have a limited number of such games. The only 'ticket' link is the Main Link Flyer which is offered every evening BUT always as an optional ticket so YOU can choose whether to play or not. It is also offered every afternoon, again as an optional so you can choose whether to play or not. In the afternoon we also have a 2 page early link that is played at 1pm. 

Palais Bingo is a

proud supporter of

Worksop Town FC

Enjoy the game but play responsibly


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