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The Recovery!

In the end even the old stage had to be removed but the foundations are now laid for the new floor and we have been told we should be open by the middle of February. All we need then is for our customers to come back to us! 

With the new joist's in place the flooring began to be laid.

With all the flooring laid we are ready to have carpet laid, furniture put back in place and a big clean. There have been a couple more hold ups but we will be open again, finally, on Saturday 29th February. Why not come and see the how it all looks now its finished!

Flood Damage Photos

In the early hours of Friday 8th November Worksop was devastated by flooding. Hundreds of homes we flooded along with over 50 businesses, all of whom we feel for. We were one of those affected. The damage caused has led to us having to close so everything can be made good. There is a lot of work to do and we are unlikely to reopen until January 2020.Please be patient at this time and we will be back, better than ever, as soon as possible! 

This photo was taken at 5am on Friday Morning 8th November. This is the foyer of the club.

This was on Friday Afternoon 8th November.

 When we got into the club on Saturday 9th December after the water had subsided we could see how far up the stage the water had reached.

Once we could get back we started taking up the sodden carpet.

 It was a long job but the staff worked so hard.

In total we filled three skips with the old carpet and underlay.

Finally the workmen arrived to start clearing the club.

Firstly all the tables, chairs and fruit machines had to be taken away into storage. 

Once that was done the floor could be removed.














Once the floor was lifted they found that the joists were rotten and so they have had to be removed too.














Now the place is ready to be dried out before it can be put back together again.

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